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weather seal garage door
Weather Seal, Vinyl Trim And Garage Door Threshold
Garage doors come new with a weather seal attached to the bottom panel. This seal helps prevent water and other debris from blowing under the garage door and into the garage. This weather seal can become dry rotted and pieces can tear off over time, leaving a gap under the...
front elevation of beautiful home lit up at twilight
High Lift Garage Doors Conversion
High Lift Garage Doors   We get requests from time to time to convert a garage door from standard lift to High Lift. This conversion can increase head space in a garage to allow more storage area. Many times these requests come from people who want to install a vehicle...
garage door drum dallas
Garage Door Drums – Veteran Garage Door
Garage Door Drums   Garage door drums come in a variety of sizes that are dependent on  the eight of the garage door and the amount of high lift for the door. The size of the lift cable will also affect the drum size. Residential drums typically use a standard...
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New LiftMaster WLED Garage Door Opener
The latest addition to Liftmaster Belt Drive Garage Door Opener is the WLED. This opener is one of the quietest on the market using the belt drive system. The DC motor provides quiet and long lasting power. This model incorporates an LED light system that provides clear bright light for...
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Liftmaster 8500W Jack Shaft/Wall Mounted Garage Door Opener
  Liftmaster has upgraded the Jack Shaft/ Wall Mounted 8500 to include a built-in battery backup and MyQ technology built in removing the need for the MyQ Bridge or repeater. The new version model number is 8500W. These new options allow for more options and ease of use.   The...
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LiftMaster MyQ Home Bridge Adds Siri Voice Commands
The new LiftMaster MyQ Home Bridge allows you to use the voice activated Apple Siri voice commands to control your MyQ enabled devices.   With this new Apple based connectivity, you can now open and close your garage door, gate or other MyQ enabled device using the Apple Siri voice...
841 lm liftmaster
LiftMaster 8550W Garage Door Opener Now Has Integrated Automatic Deadbolt Lock
  LiftMaster has added the integrated deadbolt lock capability to this opener. The Deadbolt Lock will automatically unlock when the garage door is opened and automatically lock when the garage door is closed. This is an add on upgrade available only for the latest version of the 8550W Garage Door...
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Using Skylink with Amazon Alexa for Home Automation And to control your Atoms Garage Door Opener
  Skylink and Amazon Alexa have teamed up as another option for total home automation. This system will allow you to control your home alarm system, electric appliances, lights and even Atoms Garage Door Openers. The SkylinkNet Alarm System starter Kit retails for about $159 and Atmos Garage Door Openers...
wink home automation system
Wink Home Automation System DIY
The Wink Home Automation System, available at Home Depot, allows you to control multiple devices, from different manufacturers from a single Home Automation System. The Wink System is a internet based system that allows you to control different systems within your home from a single application. You can control your...
LDCO850 linear opener
Linear Spott allows WiFi Connectivity with Garage Door Opener
  Linear has released a new garage door opener that allows for remote access to your garage door from a smartphone or tablet. The LDCO850 series available in chain or belt drive and is now available and compatible with Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant and HomeLink. To use this system you...
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