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Garage Door Drums – Veteran Garage Door

Garage Door Drums


Garage door drums come in a variety of sizes that are dependent on  the eight of the garage door and the amount of high lift for the door. The size of the lift cable will also affect the drum size. Residential drums typically use a standard hub while commercial doors and really heavy residential doors use a keyed hub.

To explain a little about the drums and how they function, you must first understand that the spring system acts as a counter balance for the weight of the garage door while the drums and cables provide the lifting component. The cables attach to the bottom corners of the garage door to some type of bottom bracket. The cables then travel up the height of the garage door and then wind around the drum that is attached to the spring bar. When the garage door opens, the cables wind around the drum and when it closes the cables unwind off the drum. If the drums and cables fail or do not function properly, then the garage door will not function properly.


In simple terms the taller a garage door or the higher the door must be lifted, the longer the cables must be and the larger the drums must be to accommodate the  longer cables. Standard door lift is 12 inches, but many times customers want a high lift door and in some cases where space allows they want a full vertical lift door. The reason for high lift and full vertical lift is to open up head space in the garage or building. The higher the amount of lift, the longer the cables must be and the larger the drums must be.

Cable diameter/size will also affect the drum needed. Most standard residential doors use a 1/8th  inch diameter cable and the drums will match the cable diameter. For larger and heavier garage doors the cable diameter will get larger and the drums will get larger as well to fit the larger diameter cables.


As you can see from this brief article, garage door drums and cables are not one size fits all. Calculations must be made to ensure the drums and cables will work properly and be rated for the height, weight  and amount of lift your garage door has or needs. If you have questions about what drums and cables are best for your garage door, have a local garage door company do the calculations for you and then install the new parts in a safe and professional manner.  

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