TORQUEMASTER SPRING veteran garage door
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No Drive Up Fee, Risk Free!

1st- We weigh the door
2nd- Calculating the IPPT (Inch Per Pound Turn) of the door

3rd- Giving all the spring options from low to high cycle

*Minimum 10,000 cycles springs up to 100,000+ cycles (Life Time)
*Parts warranty range from 2 years and up to lifetime

5th- Making sure door is balance

6th- Full door and opener maintenance + Hard copy inspection

*Warranty on all parts and labor

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Spring Conversions (Extension/Torquemaster/EZ-SET)


Door Type & SizeCost (Installed)Warranty
8×7 Classic Garage Door$3092 year parts 1 year labor
16×7 Classic Garage Door$3792 year parts 1 year labor