Belt Drive Opener installation LiftMaster 8550W / WLED
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Belt Drive Installation Prices For 7′ – 10′ Height Garage Doors 

Rail Length 8550WLB WLED
7 ft $589 $649
8Ft $639 $699
10 Ft $739 $799



Included Accessories 8550WLB WLED
Remote 1 X 893 Max (3 Button) 1 X 893 Max (3 Button)
Smart Control / Button 880 LMW (Smart Digital) 880 LMW (Smart Digital)
Battery Back Up 485LM 485LM
Optional Accessories
Remote $45 $45
Keypad $55 $55
Door Lock $179 $179





Warranty (Years) 8550WLB WLED
Motor (LM) Lifetime Lifetime
Parts (LM) 5 5
Accessories (LM) 1 1
Labor (VGD) 1 1




Home Connectivity 
with myQ Easily connect to a home
network with built-in Wi-Fi®. Syncs with popular
smart devices and platforms. Visit details.
Virtually Silent Keep living spaces virtually
silent with the extra-strong belt drive system.
Battery Backup Get in and out when the power’s
out with Battery Backup. DC Motor Enjoy
extra peace and quiet with the long-lasting DC motor with a Smooth Start
Safety and Security
Secure Code Confidently know that every click sends a
secure code to the garage door opener. Safety Sensors
Protect people and vehicles with safety sensors that stop
the door from closing on obstructions. Virtually Impenetrable
Make the garage virtually impenetrable by adding the
Automatic Garage Door Lock.





* The limited 1 year labor warranty offered by Veteran Garage Door for LiftMaster opener installations will be voided if the garage door is not properly balanced or other needed repairs are not performed at the time of opener installation.