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Rollup Doors Replace vs. Repair

Rollup doors up to 10×10 can usually be installed by two people, without the use of a lift. Anything larger will require a lift and minimum two people to install.   Track and stop repairs are fairly simple and straightforward, however caution must be used as the door and curtain can spin out of control and cause serious injuries if it is not properly secured during the process. In most instances the tracks are attached using some type of tech screw or masonary screw, if it is welded it presents a more difficult scenario as the welds must be ground
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How to Frame a Garage Door Opening

Needed Framing for New Garage Door Opening Width of garage door opening – Standard widths are 8’, 9’-10’-12’-14’-16’-17’ and 18’ Height of the garage door opening- Standard residential heights are 7’-7’6’’-8’ Header- the header is ideally a minimum 12’ wide micro-laminated beam that spans the width of the garage door opening. Header requirement #2- At minimum the header should be 12’ wide with doubled 2×4 at opening and ceiling running the width of the door with a 2×4 in the center of the opening for the center bracket to attach to. Headers should be a minimum of 12’ wide. Doubled
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Can I Convert my Overhead Garage Door To a Roll Up Door ?

If you are thinking about converting your overhead sectional garage door to a roll up door, yes this can be done, but there are a few things you need to consider. Roll up doors are generally heavier than sectional overhead doors and may require more support in the header above the garage door. Roll up garage doors require more headroom than sectional overhead doors due to the coil of the roll up door. Maintenance and repair costs are typically more for roll up doors. If the spring breaks on a roll up door, you must take the roll up door
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Can I Replace a Damaged Panel On My Box Truck Overhead Door?

  If you have a damaged panel on your box truck overhead door, it is possible to replace just the damaged section, though often times it is better to replace the entire door.   When you are considering replacing the overhead door on your box truck, you will need either the product serial number off the plate on the inside of the door, and/or the exact measurements of the panel. You will also need to know if the door is wood, wood overlaid with steel, or some other material. The best way to get information about your door is with
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How Can I Replace The Rollers On My Box Truck Overhead Door ?

Box truck overhead door rollers should be replaced as any wear and tear item. Regular inspection, lubrication and replacement will keep your box truck overhead door rollers working properly and will help with the overall function of your door.   For most box truck overhead door rollers, replacement is a fairly simple project requiring minimal skill level and the proper tools. The design of the hinges for most box truck overhead doors allows for the roller holder to be unbolted from the hinge itself, without requiring the removal of the hinge. Once the roller bracket is removed from the hinge,
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My Box Truck Door Has a Broken Cable: What Should I Do ?

If you have a box truck you use for deliveries, then the overhead door may be opened and closed many times each day. This constant use can lead to many maintenance and repair needs, One of the common repairs required is, cable replacement, due to a broken or frayed cable. The cables work in conjunction with the drums and counterbalance springs to allow you to easily open and close the overhead door. If you have a broken cable, then the counterbalance springs are not properly assisting in the opening and closing of the overhead door. If only one of the
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How to Measure for a Roll Up Door Installation And Order

  When measuring to order and install a new roll up garage door there are several critical items to measure and verify.   You must accurately measure the height and width of the opening the roll up door will be installed in. Accurately measure the space on either side of the roll up garage door. The minimum required clearance is 12”, it can be more, but not less than 12”. Accurately measure the head clearance from the header opening to the ceiling or any vertical incumbrances, like ferdowns or ledges. For doors up to 10’ tall the minimum head clearance
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What are the limitations of roll up garage doors?

Roll up garage doors are more difficult to repair and maintain than standard overhead doors should repairs be required. Most repairs of roll up doors require the door be taken completely down, repairs done on the door and then reinstalling the door. This makes the repairs for roll up doors more expensive.

Can you fix a door off track on a roll up door?

Yes, it is possible, but it is critical to look at the cause of the off track and damage that may have been done to the door. Typically repairing a rolling door off track requires removing the track guides with the door in the fully open position and realigning the door in the track guide or guides and then re-adjusting the spring once the door is back in the track guides properly and of course reattaching the track guides to the door frame. If the door has been damaged it may be better and more cost effective to replace the
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Where Can I Get a Custom Garage Door in The Dallas – Fort Worth Metro?

What is a custom garage door? A custom garage door is more than a standard garage door you see on every house in your neighborhood. A custom garage door adds to the curb, or drive up appeal of your house. A custom garage door could be a very modern design, a classic looking carriage house door, a full view glass door or a custom built wood door. At Veteran Garage Door we have designs to highlight the architectural features of your home or we can design a garage door that combines different styles together for the look you desire. If
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