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How Can I Replace The Rollers On My Box Truck Overhead Door ?

    How Can I Replace The Rollers On My Box Truck Overhead Door ?
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    Box truck overhead door rollers should be replaced as any wear and tear item. Regular inspection, lubrication and replacement will keep your box truck overhead door rollers working properly and will help with the overall function of your door.


    For most box truck overhead door rollers, replacement is a fairly simple project requiring minimal skill level and the proper tools. The design of the hinges for most box truck overhead doors allows for the roller holder to be unbolted from the hinge itself, without requiring the removal of the hinge. Once the roller bracket is removed from the hinge, simply remove the old roller, replace it with the new roller and bolt the bracket back in place. Make sure the roller is properly aligned in the door tracks. This is a simple and quick process that will help keep your door functioning smoother for the life of the door.


    Before you get started you need to determine the size of the actual roller. Once you know the size of the roller you can choose from several styles and materials. Rollers can be steel with or without ball bearings, or nylon with ball bearings and the top grade sealed bearing design. Rollers can be obtained through a local supply house that stocks rollers for box truck overhead doors, or even purchased off the internet and shipped to you.


    If this is a project you do not want to do yourself, or you do not feel confident you can complete, contact a local repair facility to do the repairs for you.


    Doing periodic inspection and maintenance to your box truck overhead door, and replacing broken and worn parts can prevent costly repairs later.