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How to Measure for a Roll Up Door Installation And Order

    How to Measure for a Roll Up Door Installation And Order
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    When measuring to order and install a new roll up garage door there are several critical items to measure and verify.


    1. You must accurately measure the height and width of the opening the roll up door will be installed in.
    2. Accurately measure the space on either side of the roll up garage door. The minimum required clearance is 12”, it can be more, but not less than 12”.
    3. Accurately measure the head clearance from the header opening to the ceiling or any vertical incumbrances, like ferdowns or ledges. For doors up to 10’ tall the minimum head clearance is 16”. For doors taller than 10’ there must be a minimum of 24” of head clearance.
    4. It is critical that you note the type of material the door will be mounted to, as this will affect the materials needed to install the door securely and safely. For example you will not if the material is steel, wood, masonry(concrete) or any other material. It is important to note if the door will be mounted into brick, that the brick will support the door without crumbling or breaking. These doors are heavy and may require additional supporting structures.
    5. If the door is being mounted to steel or wood, it is absolutely necessary that purlins or wood studs be installed vertically extending up past the point where the spool will be mounted. These supports are needed to mount the tensioner ends and spools.
    6. A chain hoist can be mounted on either side of the garage door, but additional clearance may be needed. Note which side the chain hoist will be mounted on and how much clearance is available on that side.
    7. If a automatic opener is wanted, it is best to install the automatic opener at the same time the door is installed.



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