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Can I Replace a Damaged Panel On My Box Truck Overhead Door?

    Can I Replace a Damaged Panel On My Box Truck Overhead Door?
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    If you have a damaged panel on your box truck overhead door, it is possible to replace just the damaged section, though often times it is better to replace the entire door.


    When you are considering replacing the overhead door on your box truck, you will need either the product serial number off the plate on the inside of the door, and/or the exact measurements of the panel. You will also need to know if the door is wood, wood overlaid with steel, or some other material.

    The best way to get information about your door is with the serial number. You can call the manufacturer and get all the specifications for your door.


    Many times the only option available immediately are universal fit wood panels, that are cut to fit. Most other door sections must be ordered with a 1 week to several week lead time, including shipping.


    When considering panel replacement, it is important to consider the amount of time the truck could be out of service, waiting on parts. If the need is immediate, then a universal cut to fit panel is the option. If the door panel must be ordered, then it might be more appropriate to replace the entire door ,to prevent future repair cost to other panels.


    The most common manufacturers for box truck overhead doors and parts are Whiting and TODCO.