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Garage Door and Opener Terminology

Automatic Opener – Quick opening mechanism that does not use an electric motor/operator Aladdin Connect – Opener accessory manufactured by Genie Company that allows you to open, close and check the open/close position of your door from a computer, tablet or smart phone. Ball Bearing Roller – A garage door roller that runs in the garage door track that is manufactured with ball bearings for smoother operation. Battery Backup – A small ,typically 12 volt, battery that provides power for an electric garage door opener to work in the event of an electrical outage. Belt Drive – A type of garage door opener that utilizes
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What is the Wayne Dalton TorqueMaster springs system?

Wayne Dalton Torquemaster spring system is a system that was developed in an attempt to improve on the torsion spring system. Torquemaster systems use a spring system that is enclosed inside a hollow torque tube that mounts on the header above the garage door opening.  It is similar to a standard torsion spring system in that it uses cables and drums to do the lifting with the spring(s) providing the force to balance the weight of the garage door. Torquemaster systems are sold exclusively by Wayne Dalton and several changes have occurred over the past few years  to the Torquemaster
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What is the EZ-Set spring system?

The EZ-Spring system is a spring system that was designed by Ideal Door and is now sold under the Ideal Door name and Clopay name. The EZ-Spring system was designed to make installing both extension springs and torsion springs easier and safer. Both systems work very similarly to standard extension springs and torsion springs. EZ-Set Extension Springs: Extension springs are mounted above the horizontal tracks on both sides of the garage door. The extension springs attach at the top end to the garage door track support brackets . The other end of the spring is attached to a pulley using
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Garage Door Springs

Garage door springs play an essential role in the safe operation of your garage door. The springs are needed to counterbalance the door, so it will be balance, not fall or shift to an angle as the door opens and closes. Springs are one of the most common garage door repairs, as they can be damaged by corrosion and use throughout time. The lifting force of the spring must be adequate to hold the door and keep it properly balanced. Different garage doors require different sizes and numbers of springs. As an example, most residential garage doors have two springs,
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