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What is the EZ-Set spring system?

The EZ-Spring system is a spring system that was designed by Ideal Door and is now sold under the Ideal

Door name and Clopay name. The EZ-Spring system was designed to make installing both extension

springs and torsion springs easier and safer. Both systems work very similarly to standard extension

springs and torsion springs.


EZ-Set Extension Springs:

Extension springs are mounted above the horizontal tracks on both sides of the garage door. The

extension springs attach at the top end to the garage door track support brackets . The other end of the

spring is attached to a pulley using a fork. A cable that attaches to the bottom bracket on the bottom

panel of each side of the garage door travels up the height of the garage door around one pulley and

then around the spring pulley. The cable then attaches to an adjustment bracket that connects to the

track braces. The springs are then adjusted by feeding the cable through the adjustment clip. The


springs counter balance the weight of the garage door making it possible to open and close the garage

The EZ-Set  extension spring system uses a spring stretching mechanism that is secured to the track near

the front fixed pulley. A cable in the stretching mechanism runs through a pulley attached to the

extension spring then around the front fixed pulley  and down the door to the bottom bracket where it

attaches on each side of the door. A standard drill is then attached to the spring stretching mechanism

and the cable is shortened which in turn stretches the spring, counter balancing the weight of the

garage door. If both extension springs are properly stretched, then the door will be balanced.


In all extension spring systems, standard or EZ-Set, it is highly recommended that a safety cable/ spring

containment cable be used to prevent the spring from flying loose causing serious damage to property

and serious damage even death to people and animals. The safety cable/spring containment cable is a

cable that is attached at each end to the garage door track brackets and runs through the entire length

of the extensions spring. This cable controls the spring if it breaks preventing the spring from becoming

Torsion springs are the standard in the garage door industry today. Torsion springs are a system of

springs that counter balance the weight of the garage using a spring bar/torsion tube mounted above

the header of the garage door opening on the inside of the opening. This system utilizes a center bracket

and bearing along with end bearing plates and drums and cable on each end of the spring bar/torsion

tube. This system works because the spring(s) are wound, the spring(s) provide the force to counter

balance the weight of the door. Cables are attached to the bottom brackets on the bottom of the


bottom panel/section on each side of the garage door. The cables run up the height of the garage door

and the attach to the drums that are on both ends of the spring bar/torsion tube. The cables wind

around the drums as the garage door opens, and unwind as the garage door closes. The cables and

drums do the lifting while the spring(s) provide the force. The center bracket in the system secures the

spring(s) to be wound. The spring bar/torsion tube runs through the center bracket and each end of the

spring bar/torsion tube goes through the end bearing plates, securing the spring bar/torsion tube at the

ends. The drums mount on the spring bar/torsion tube at each end and are mounted to the inside of the

end bearing plates. In regular torsion spring systems the springs are mounted at or near the center of

the garage door and can utilize one spring, two springs or multiple springs. If more than two springs are

used, then extra center brackets and bearings must also be used. The number of springs needed to

counter balance the garage door is based on the weight of the garage door and its components.


The EZ-Set torsion springs work the same way as standard torsion springs, but the application and parts

are different. The EZ-Set torsion springs do not utilize a center bracket and bearing, but do utilize a

center support for wide and or heavy garage doors. In the EZ-Set system the spring(s) do not mount in

the center of the garage door, but to the sides. They still utilize end bearing plates, but these plates are

different than the ones used in standard torsion spring systems. The EZ-Set torsion spring system uses a

different winding system. Standard torsion springs are hand wound using winding bars. EZ-Set torsion

springs are wound using a standard electric drill. The EZ-Set system uses a different type of torsion

spring as well. EZ-Set springs have a cone at one end that attaches to the spring bar/torsion tube on one

end of the spring and the other end uses a cone that is attached to spring winder. The EZ-Set also utilizes

drums and cables that attach at both ends of the spring bar/torsion tube to the inside of the end bearing

plates. Rather than hand winding the spring(s), in the EZ-Set system a standard electric drill is attached

to the spring winder. The drill is then used to wind the springs to counter balance the weight of the

garage door. The EZ-Set system typically only uses one spring that is mounted on the left side of the

garage door, but you can order and install a second spring and spring winder that can be mounted on

the right side of the garage door as well.

The EZ-Set systems do provide an alternative to standard extension and torsion spring systems, but they

do have their own set of problems and limitations. In the extension spring system, you are depending on

an additional moving part to stretch the spring. The spring stretching mechanism can fail as well as the

spring, and using a drill to stretch the spring provides the added possibility of over stretching the spring.

The EZ-Set torsion spring system has limitations in the amount of weight the springs can lift and do not

provide options for more than two spring being used. There is also the added spring winder that can fail

as well as the spring. This spring winder is another moving part that will require maintenance and

eventual replacement. The use of an electric drill also brings up the issue of over winding the spring that

can cause premature failure and make the door too hot when opening.

It is my opinion that the EZ-Set system will work on smaller lighter doors, but a standard torsion spring

system is still a better choice. Installation of either system should only be done by a trained garage door

technician, and I believe the additional moving parts and limitations to weight on the EZ-Set systems

make it a less desirable choice. There will be added expense to an EZ-Set system as it requires the spring

stretching mechanism on extension springs and the spring winder on torsion springs.

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