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Garage Door and Opener Terminology

Automatic Opener – Quick opening mechanism that does not use an electric motor/operator Aladdin Connect – Opener accessory manufactured by Genie Company that allows you to open, close and check the open/close position of your door from a computer, tablet or smart phone. Ball Bearing Roller – A garage door roller that runs in the garage door track that is manufactured with ball bearings for smoother operation. Battery Backup – A small ,typically 12 volt, battery that provides power for an electric garage door opener to work in the event of an electrical outage. Belt Drive – A type of garage door opener that utilizes
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How Does a Garage Door System Work?

Your garage door is probably the largest open in your home, and requires the largest door in your home.  The garage door works with many components all working together to form one system. The garage  door  not only helps seal your home from the elements, but provides security for the items in your  garage and house. The first thing in the system is the door itself. The size, shape and weight of the Garage door will  determine what is needed for the other parts of the garage door system. For your door you can choose  many different materials from wood
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Garage Door Types and Shapes

Garage doors have become statements and design elements in many home designs today. While function should still be the primary goal, garage door styles, designs and colors are proving to be equally important. Early garage doors were hinged on the sides and swung open, these doors function very well, but require a great deal of space. One piece garage doors swing open and closed on a pivot point. these function, but do not allow for a good seal between garage door and the frame and are often times very heavy. Sectional garage doors are the most common type of garage
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