What Type of Garage Door is Considered Good Quality?

Good quality garage doors can be found in several construction types from steel to wood. What defines

quality differs from person to person. A quality garage door should be constructed from material and in

a manner that it will withstand the use and conditions where it is installed.

A good standard quality steel door should be constructed of at minimum 25 gauge steel, anything lighter

than 25 gauge in my opinion is too light to with stand normal garage door use. If the garage door is the

primary entry/exit point or is subject to higher levels of use or abuse, I would recommend a heavier

gauge steel. Remember the smaller the gauge number the thicker/heavier the steel. There are many

styles of steel garage doors available to fit the architectural style of your home. Steel doors are lighter

and require less maintenance than wood garage doors. There are steel doors available that look very

similar to wood without the extra weight and maintenance that wooden doors require.


Steel doors can be hollow back doors, meaning you see the back side of the stamped steel on the inside

of the door. Insulated, where the door has insulation applied to the inside of the door. An insulated door

will have a cardboard or vinyl feel on the inside. Steel back doors are steel on both sides with insulation

applied between the two steel panels that make up the garage door section. Again there are many styles


to choose from. All of these steel doors are good quality so the question becomes; what features do you

want in your garage door?

Wooden garage doors are also a good quality material for garage doors. Wooden garage doors weigh


more because wood is heavier than the steel used to manufacture garage doors. Wooden garage doors

will require larger spring systems, due to the weight of the garage door. Wood is a quality material, but

it does pose its own set of maintenance requirements. Wooden doors will require periodic maintenance

to the finish, like applying sealer or paint to protect the wood from rot.


If you live in an area subject to hurricanes or high risk of tornadic activity, you may want to consider a

garage door with a wind rating that is appropriate for your area. Check your local building to code to see

if a wind rated garage door is required.

Quality is an opinion, but it is important to consider several things and conditions when deciding what

garage door is appropriated and of sufficient quality for the application.

1. Is this the primary entry point to the resident?

2. Is my garage door subject to a high level of abuse?

3. Do I live in an area subject to hurricanes or high risk of tornadic activity? Do I need a wind rated

garage door?

4. What are the building codes for garage doors in my area?

5. Do I want an insulated garage door, if so what R-Factor rating do I want?