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In the case of a power outage, how long will a Liftmaster/Chamberlain battery backup system stay charged?

A battery backup system for your garage door opener captures and stores power that will allow 

the garage door opener to open and close your garage door during a power outage.


The Liftmaster/Chamberlain battery backup system is rated for up to 20 cycles – A cycle is considered one full open and close cycle. 


For the moment information is not available as to

how long it will hold the charge in the event of a power outage in days or hours, just an expected number of life

cycles. The age of the battery backup can impact how many life cycles you will actually get and

how long the battery will hold the charge in the event of a power outage. The

Liftmaster/Chamberlain battery backup systems will beep and a light on the unit should flash if

the battery backup system is failing. It will also beep to let you know when it is operating on

battery power instead of electrical power.

Battery backup up systems for Liftmaster/Chamberlain are available online for $49.95-$79.95.

depending on the model number needed for your operator. You can also contact a local garage

door service company for these parts with Installation which should cost you between $150 – $200.

Battery backup systems are not universal and you must

purchase the correct system for the manufacturer and model number of your opener. You can

find information online to help you find the right battery backup system for your operator.

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