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How to Avoid Garage Door Repair Scams

The garage door industry is full of companies that do the job the right way and truly care about their customers, but there are scams in the industry that you want to try to avoid.   When your garage door breaks, you want it fixed quickly, but you do not want to overpay for the repairs. How can you avoid the scams ?   Referrals from family and friends who have used a company and received good service. Community blogs and newsletters. Use yelp reviews and reviews on other social media sites. BBB reviews When considering a company, check and
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Benefits to a New Garage Door

Many people look at garage doors and do not consider the impact your garage door has on your home. In a recent study posted at, they reported that adding an upscale garage door returned the largest percentage on investment at 85% of any of the 10 remodel projects they studied. The study cited that 10 of the top 13 projects were on the exterior of the home, leading to the conclusion that drive up appeal makes a difference in recouping project costs when you sale your home. When considering an upscale garage door, it is important to consider insulation
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When Should I Replace My Garage Door Cables?

Garage door cables are made of wires wound together to create strands and then the strands are wound together to make the cables. Garage door cables are very strong and there are different gauges and lengths for different size and weight garage doors. The garage door cables work with the spring(s) and drums to raise the garage door. The spring(s) provide the counterbalance/strength while the drums and cables do the lifting. It is important that the cables and drums are in good condition since they actually lift and support the garage door. Cables should be inspected at least once per
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What is the Difference between Home Improvement Store And Professional Grade Garage Doors?

Many DIY’ers believe that they can go to Home Depot, or a local home improvement store, and buy a garage door of the same quality as one they purchase from a garage door service company. The truth is these items are often made of inferior materials when compared to professional grade garage doors. First let’s consider the gauge of metal used to manufacture the garage door panels. At your local home improvement store the metal will be of a lighter gauge, usually 26, 27 or 28 gauge, while professional grade doors typically start at 25 gauge with heavier gauges also
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How Much Clearance Is Needed for Spring Replacement, Opener Install and Door Install?

When a technician comes to your home to service your garage door, the technician will need to be able to have access to the entire garage door and the garage door opener. The technician will need at minimum 1’-2’ of clearance from the side walls to be able to access the garage door tracks, the drums and cables and the rollers. Items should also be kept clear of this area to prevent the door from opening or closing on these items. If the door opens or closes on any item it can damage the garage door and cause the door
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5 Tips to Saving Money on Garage Door Repairs And Service

1. When searching for garage door service on the internet, do not use the pay per click companies. These are usually the first companies listed for the search, with a small AD box beside the company name. These companies pay as much as $30-$70 and even more per click. This results in higher prices since not all clicks are converted to calls, and not all calls are converted to sales. The pay per click sights are more likely to lead to rip off companies. 2. Google Maps is not recommended as a source for finding garage door repair and service
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Why is my garage door opening on its own?

A garage door that randomly opens by itself is not a common problem, but does occur from time to time. Garage door openers operate on one of many frequencies and while it is possible for one of your neighbors remotes to open your garage door, it is highly unlikely. Newer openers operate on rolling codes making it almost impossible for this to happen, and even on operators more than ten years old there are 10’s of thousands of codes your operator could If your remote is more than 10 years old and you live near a military base, then it
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How to install an emergency lock/Vault lock on my garage door?

A vault lock or sometimes called a vault release is a mechanism with a key lock that allows you to disconnect your garage door opener from the door the reason for this application or lock is for garages that do not have a second entry into the garage other then the garage door itself this is very common in apartment complexes detached garage is or even attached garages which baffles me I can’t imagine having a garage attached to my house without an entry from somewhere inside the house but believe me there is a lot of them out there
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Which parts of Garage Door should lubricate and oil?
Garage Door Lube

 Lubrication is important for all garage door moving parts. Lubrication will help keep your garage door operating smoothly and will prolong the life of the garage door the moving parts of the garage door. Proper lubrication will also help to keep your garage door opener running smooth and prolong its life as well. Lubrication to the garage door and the moving parts with in the garage door system should be done several times a year. The climate you live in will impact how often lubrication is needed. In most case the garage door and moving parts within the garage door
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What the reason my Garage Door won’t open?

There are many reasons why your garage door will not open. Some are very simple fixes while it could also be a serious problem requiring a garage door specialist. First check to ensure the red trolley release rope has not been disengaged as this would prevent the door from opening using the garage door opener. Next try using the wall button to open the garage door. If the door opens using the wall button, but not the remote or key pad you may need to reprogram the remote or key pad or replace the batteries. If the garage door will
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