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Garage Door and Opener Terminology

Automatic Opener – Quick opening mechanism that does not use an electric motor/operator Aladdin Connect – Opener accessory manufactured by Genie Company that allows you to open, close and check the open/close position of your door from a computer, tablet or smart phone. Ball Bearing Roller – A garage door roller that runs in the garage door track that is manufactured with ball bearings for smoother operation. Battery Backup – A small ,typically 12 volt, battery that provides power for an electric garage door opener to work in the event of an electrical outage. Belt Drive – A type of garage door opener that utilizes
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Homelink System

The Homelink system is preinstalled in most newer model vehicles or may only be available as part of an upgraded equipment package. The Homelink system allows you to control items such as garage door openers, gate openers, lights, RF frequency locks and other RF frequency small appliances. The Homelink works on RF frequency between 288-433. To program Homelink the remote for the device must be present and will have to be placed within 2-3 inches of the Homelink controls in the vehicle for programming purposes. The beauty of the Homelink system is that the controls are always in the same
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Garage Door Remotes and Keypads MHZ Frequencies

On the earliest garage door openers, the door could only be opened by a keypad mounted outside the garage door and hardwired in or a push button inside the garage. As technology improved the remote was invented and originally one remote would open your garage door, but it would also up any other garage door it was in range of. Next came the invention of the DIP pin system (Also called DIP switch) were each opener and remote had 12 DIP pins. The DIP pins on the opener unit would be set identical to the DIP pins on the remote. This allowed
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Remote & Keypad

Remotes Garage door openers can easily be opened by a remote control. Not all remotes are the same, as they come in various styles, colors and capabilities. While garage door openers come with a standard manufacturer remote, you may want to replace it with a universal remote that is capable of opening all kinds of garage door openers. Some people choose to switch remotes because they may open the door from a farther distance. The frequency and range of the remote have an impact on performance and how far away from the door you can be and still operate it.
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