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Why won’t my garage door opener open the door all the way up?

    Why won’t my garage door opener open the door all the way up?
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    Garage door openers, contrary to many people’s beliefs, do not provide the lifting power to

    open the garage door. The spring(s) do the heavy lifting, the opener just assists with the

    opening and closing of the garage door. The first thing I would recommend doing is testing the

    door for balance and anything that might be binding the door.


    To do this you will need to pull the red release handle or cord to disengage the garage door from the

    opener. Do this with the door in the fully closed position. With the door closed and disengaged from the

    opener manually lift the garage door. If the door is very heavy, then you have a spring that is broken or

    that has failed. In this case call a service company to replace the spring(s). Garage door springs

    are very dangerous and can cause serious damage even death. If the door opens easily and

    does not have anything binding the door during opening and closing manually, then it may need

    a simple travel limit or force limit adjustment.


    Be careful when adjusting force limits and

    always test to ensure the emergency reverse works properly after making any changes to the

    force limit adjustments.


    Travel limit adjustments control how far the garage door opens and closes during a normal

    cycle. Follow the steps in the owner’s manual for the manufacturer and model number of your

    opener. Some force adjustments use screws that you turn on the back of the motor and others

    use buttons you push to set these limits.

    Force adjustments are used to allow for changes in climate and slight bindings to the garage

    door. These adjustments can be screws you turn or buttons you push to make adjustments,

    again follow the instruction manual for the manufacturer and model number of your garage

    door opener.

    There are other causes for a garage door not opening all the way, but these are the most

    common causes. If you have any doubts about troubleshooting this problem, contact a local

    garage door service company. Many local companies will provide you with an evaluation and

    options to repair free of charge.