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What type of Keypad/Keyless entry should I use for Liftmaster from 1991?

 What type of Keypad/Keyless entry should I use for Liftmaster from 1991?

Anytime a customer asked me for a remote or keyless entry keypad for an older model open or whether it’s a LiftMaster chamberlain or Genie or even craftsman I recommend that they purchase a universal remote or keyless entry keypad, this is because it covers all of the older model openers that you cannot find remotes for.


Some of the manufacturers are now doing away with the older model remotes and keypad and just selling universal ones instead of making a bunch of different model remotes. They just consolidated everything into a universal remote bad this way it’s easier for the customer and also easier for the manufacture. A universal keyless/keypad can be also programmed to some very old openers that are using the “dip switch” system (small switches that are located on the opener) with numbers between 1-12.

dipswitch-liftmaster dip-switch-genie-opener

some will have only 9 switches, some with 10 and some with 12. You can follow the instructions, that comes with the device, step by step in order to program the keyless entry.


you can find a universal keyless entry from your local garage door company or you can purchase them at Lowes or Home Depot and they are usually called clickers or clicker will be the name on the remote but you will see that it says made by Chamberlain if you are going to install the keyless intrigue yourself and program it to your opener unit then the instructions are very easy to understand for the most part but if you have a problem you can just call Chamberlain tech­ support and they can usually walk you through the process over the phone.


The clicker universal keypads work with about five different manufacturers Liftmaster Chamberlain craftsman Genie overhead door grand and  Wayne Dalton so there’s a really good chance that the clicker universal keypad will work with your opener if not you may have to call the manufacturer on your opener unit if it is not one of the major brands The price range for a universal keypad is about $60-$70 give or take five or $10 depending on where you buy it you might also find it on or the LiftMaster chamberlain websites also have them not sure the difference from buying them online or going down to your retail hardware store I’m sure online is always a little cheaper keyless trees also will hold about 25 different codes so you can use one tree for up to 25 different openers. sometimes apartment properties will use keyless entries for that reason so they don’t have to keep 50 to 60 garage door remotes around.

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