What is a tandem garage door opener ?

What is a tandem garage door opener ?
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We do not run into this situation very often, but occasionally, we do see a single garage door opener that is fitted to open two garage doors at the same time.

This is usually a customization done by the homeowner and it does not meet the safety guidelines established as of January 1, 1993. We do not recommend this type of system and will not install this type of system.


Homes with more than one garage door should have one garage door opener for each garage door. The guidelines established as of January 1, 1993 require that every garage door opener manufactured since that date be equipped with a safety eye sensor system as well as a auto reverse function if the door contacts an object during the close cycle. These safety measures are to prevent entrapment issues with garage door openers.


A garage door opener installed to work in tandem, opening two doors at the same time, will not meet these safety standards. The garage door opener is designed to work with one and only one set of safety eye sensors, meaning if the garage door opener is opening in tandem, then one of the garage doors in a tandem install will not have the safety eye sensors.

This type system creates a safety hazard and will void any manufacturer warranty as well. If you have a garage door opener working in tandem, then we strongly recommend that you install a garage door opener for each door and do away with the tandem opening system.


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