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My garage door opener stopped working, what might be the problem?

Garage door openers are electric motors that open and close your garage door for you.

Diagnosing the cause can be very simple, but it may also require calling a garage door service

technician. It may seem simple but the first thing to check is to make sure you have power to

the opener, it could be a tripped breaker or even a tripped GCFI plug causing the problem.


If you determine that you have power to the motor, the next step is to check and see if the wall

button for the garage door opener works. Many times the issue is only with the remotes. If the

wall button works, then replace the batteries in the remotes and retest the remotes. If the wall

button does not work, then the problem could be a broken spring(s) making the door too heavy

for the opener to lift.


If you determine you have a broken or failing spring, call a garage door

service technician to perform the repairs, garage door springs are dangerous, and are not a do

it yourself project. One way to test the springs is to first disengage the garage door opener from

the garage door by pulling the red cord or handle. This disengages the garage door from the

opener. Now manually try to lift the garage door, if it is very heavy to lift, then you have either

broken or failing spring(s). If the door opens easily then the problem is in the garage door



Testing Remotes:

As stated earlier you will want to test the remotes for your garage door after replacing the

batteries. Many times new batteries in the remotes fixes the issue. If the remotes still don’t

work, but the wall button does, then the problem is either in the remote (transmitter) or the

receiver inside the unit. You can order new remotes for your operator online or for most

models you can by replacement remotes at a local home improvement store like Home Depot

or Lowe’s. Make sure you know the manufacturer and model number for your opener, to make

sure you get new remotes that will work with your opener. If new remote still don’t work, then

you know it is in the receiver. If the receiver is bad you still have options, you can replace the

opener, you can order a new receiver to install in your opener, or you can by an external

receiver and new remotes.

 lift master-8165-logic-board

Replacing a receiver board:

If you decide to replace the receiver, also called the logic board, you will need to know the

manufacturer and model number of your garage door opener. You can order replacement

receivers/logic boards for most brand operators online or from a garage door service company.

The cost of a new receiver/logic board installed will be around $189.00-$250.00. Replacing the

receiver/logic board is fairly simple. You will first unplug the unit from the power source. Next

you will disconnect the wires from the old receiver/logic board, noting where they plug in to

the new unit, and remove the old receiver/logic board. Next install the new receiver/logic

board and reconnect the wires, just as they were on the old receiver/logic board. Be careful not

to touch the components on the new receiver /logic board as this can cause them to

malfunction. Then reinstall the outer motor cover and then plug the unit back in to the power

source. Test the opener, checking for proper open and close limits. Follow the manufacturer’s

directions for setting the open and close limits. You will also need to reprogram your remotes

to the new receiver. Most units use a learn button, follow the manufacturer’s directions for

programming remotes. Do not forget to reprogram your outside keypad if you have one.

This is not a 100% fix but in most cases if the receiver stops working, installing a new one will

fix the problem.


Attaching an external receiver:

You can purchase and install a new external receiver that in many cases will solve the problem.

An external receiver plugs into the operator using two wires. These wires plug into the existing

receiver/logic board were the wall button wires connect. You will need to twist the wires from

the new receiver to the wires from the wall button and attach them together to the

receiver/logic board. The new receiver then plugs into and electrical outlet. New remotes,

compatible with the new receiver, must be programmed to the new receiver. Follow the

manufacturer’s instructions for installation of the new receiver and programming of the new

remotes. This will work for most garage door openers, but again it is not a 100% fix. Make sure

you know the manufacturer and model number of your garage door opener and buy an

external remote that is compatible with your opener. The cost of a external receiver is around



Replacing the garage door opener:

If all of this fails to fix the problem, or its sounds like too much trouble, then you have many

options when it comes to new garage door openers. Garage door openers can be purchased

from a local home improvement store like Hone Depot or Lowe’s, online, or from a garage door

service company. Prices vary greatly, depending on the options you want and the brand.

Options include screw drive, chain drive, and belt drive. You can also choose units with MyQ

technology that will allow you to open your garage door from your smart phone or tablet.

Prices vary depending on these options. It is best to stay with major brand openers as parts are

more readily available if repairs are needed later. You will need to measure the height of your

garage door to make sure you get the right size opener. Most residential garage doors are

either 7′ foot or 8′ foot tall.

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