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Is it possible to repair a crack on a garage door Section?

Garage door panels come in many shapes and sizes and made of several types of materials like wood, aluminum and vinyl.


Actually fixing a crack in a garage door panel can be a difficult and even impossible task. If the garage door panels are wood then yes a garage door panel that is cracked could be fixed using wood fillers and glue. If your garage door is metal or vinyl it is much more difficult and even impossible to fix. You could try to weld the panel is you have the skill, but with lighter gauge metal like in most garage doors that will be just about impossible. and vinyl cracks cannot really be fixed. There are however, still options available to you to repair the door and keep it working as it should.


The first option would be to install a strut or struts. These are usually made of metal and attach to the inside of the garage door, running the full length of the door. Struts do not fix the cracks, but provide reinforcement to support the door a prevent further cracking, and to allow the door to safely function for many years, if the crack is minimal. If struts are used this will affect the weight of the door and may require the spring or springs to be switched to larger springs to support the new weight of the door.


If the cracks are too severe, then you could try to locate the manufacturer and model number of your garage door and if available replace the damaged panel. You would need to look for a sticker on the inside of the garage door or on the sides of the panels to locate these stickers. Many times even garage door technicians cannot locate the manufacturer and model numbers making it almost impossible to find the correct panel for a perfect match and fit.

Often times it is easier and not much more expensive to replace the entire garage door rather than try to locate and then replace the individual panels on metal doors. On wooden and custom garage door it is much easier to find replacement panels and in these cases it could be more cost effective to only replace the damaged panel, if a replacement panel can be located.

To give a direct answer in most cases no you cannot fix a crack in a garage door panel, but you still have options to repair a panel or in some cases replace a damaged panel.

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