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Can I repair a hole in my garage door ?
Several times each year we have customers ask if we can repair a hole in a garage door panel. The general answer is no we can not repair a hole in a garage door panel. Most modern garage doors are made of thin steel, 24 and 25 gauge most commonly....
basic garage door colors
Can Garage Door Panels Be Painted?
Garage door panels come in 5 basic colors; white, almond, sandstone, desert tan and brown/chocolate ready to install. If you would like to paint your garage door a specialty color it is primed and ready to be painted any color you choose. Check with your homeowners association and local codes...
split dent garage door
Is it possible to fix a split/dent on my garage door or should I replace it?
Residential garage door panels are typically made of wood, metal or vinyl. It is possible to fix a split in a wooden garage door using wood filler and/or replacing the piece of wood. On metal  and vinyl there are ways to repair a split/dent, but the split/dent will still be...
garage door section crack
Is it possible to repair a crack on a garage door Section?
Garage door panels come in many shapes and sizes and made of several types of materials like wood, aluminum and vinyl. Actually fixing a crack in a garage door panel can be a difficult and even impossible task. If the garage door panels are wood then yes a garage door...
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