Is a garage door with windows more expensive than a garage door with no windows?

Garage door costs vary depending on the style of garage door, the material used to manufacture the

door, and the accessories chosen for the garage door.


Steel garage doors in general are less expensive than wooden garage doors. The weight of the steel used

to manufacture the garage door is the primary factor in the cost of the garage door. Our base model

garage door is made of 25 gauge stamped steel. You could also chose a 24 gauge garage door as an

upgrade. Adding windows or insulation to the door would be an upgrade option and would add

additional cost to the price.


The same is true for steel back garage doors. Steel back garage doors are two pieces of stamped steel

with foam insulation between the two stamped steel panels. Steel back garage doors are available from

us in 1 3/8 inch thick and 2 inch thick, with differing R-factors for the insulation. Adding windows is also

an upgrade option for steel back garage doors, with additional cost for the windows.


The simple answer to the question is yes traditionally windows are an upgrade option for garage doors

with additional cost for adding windows. Check with your local garage door company for the cost of the

garage door and the cost for adding windows. The cost will vary depending on the manufacturer of the

garage door and the garage door company you are using.