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How can I determine my Garage Door manufacturer and model number?

How can I determine my Garage Door manufacturer and model number?
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Garage Doors are the panel or panels that comprise the largest portion of any garage door. Garage doors can vary greatly depending on the company that actually manufactured or made the garage door panel or panels. The task of determining the maker and model of a garage door can be a very difficult task.


The first thing to look for is any stickers, stamps or markings on the inside of the garage door. These stickers, stamps or markings can identify the maker and model number for your garage door.


The second place to look for stickers, stamps or markings are on the sides of the garage door panels.

If no markings are found, you could take photos of the garage door and send to Veteran Garage Door Company for help in identifying maker and model numbers. You might also consider having a Veteran Garage Door Technician come to your home or business to help identify the maker and model number.

Many times it is impossible to determine the maker and model number of your garage door. If you are attempting to find a perfect match for your panels, you may have to rely on exact measurements and visually comparing the panels as each manufacturer may have unique designs in the stamps they use to create their panels.

If you are attempting to match a panel for replacement, it may prove to be easier and more cost effective to consider replacing the entire door. If the door is older and has been exposed to the elements, even if you can determine the maker and model, you may not get a perfect match. Color fading will likely have occurred as well as the differences in color from one lot number to another, even if the manufacturer and model numbers are the same.