How can I determine the age of my garage door ?

How can I determine the age of my garage door ?
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Determining the age of garage door can be a difficult sometimes even impossible task. When a garage door is manufactured, stickers with the manufacturer, model number, and sometimes the date are applied to the sides of the sections. If these stickers are not present, it can be very difficult or even impossible to know.


In some cases we can take photographs of the inside, outside, hinges and side supports of the garage door to determine manufacturer. There have been instances that we send the pictures to manufacturers and they, at times can determine the manufacturer, model number and general time frame that the door was manufactured.

Sometimes the manufacturer has gone out of business and we cannot determine anything at all from the pictures. Many times we find that new home builders will use builder grade garage doors from small manufacturers that only remain in business for a short time, so there is very little information and sometimes no markings at all on the garage door.


Most of the time, with help from our manufacturers, we can determine manufacturer and approximate age of a garage door, but it can be a time consuming effort.









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