What Are The Benefits Of An Insulated Garage Door ?

What Are The Benefits Of An Insulated Garage Door ?
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When you are considering what type of garage door to install in your home whether it is a new build or replacing an existing garage door, there are many things to consider.

Most people only think of the style of the garage door and how it will enhance the curb appeal of their home. This is an important factor to consider, and many studies show that adding an upgraded garage door yields one of the highest returns on investment. The style of the garage door is only the beginning of the choices.

When you are considering the garage door it is important to remember that your garage door is probably the largest opening in your home. With that being said, it makes sense to at least consider having an insulated garage door installed.

Garage doors come in several thicknesses and layers. The basic entry level garage door is a single layer of steel with 25 and 24 gauge being the most common, though some companies offer thinner metal steel doors that cost even less.

The next level is a two layer garage door. A two layer garage door will have a single layer of steel with a foam insert applied to the inside panels. These garage doors are a step up from single layer garage doors, but only have a minimal R factor rating.

Next you will find a three layer garage door. A three layer garage door has two pieces of steel with insulation, typically foam, between the two panels. These three layers come in different thicknesses, and the thicker the garage door the greater the R-value.

The benefits of installing an insulated garage door start with keeping the cold air out of your home. Insulated garage doors create a vestibule effect that helps to keep the cold air outside from entering your home. Some studies indicate that if you install a good quality three layer, insulated, garage door, if the outside temperature is 20 degrees then the inside of the garage will be about 41-42 degrees. This is still cold, but it is above freezing and will help keep your house warmer during cold weather events. This is the primary benefit of having an insulated garage door, but not the only benefit.

Insulated garage doors will also help to buffer sound and are stronger than single layer doors.

Obviously, three layer doors with an inner and outer layer of steel with foam insulation between the two panels will be stronger than a two layer door that only utilizes one layer of steel.

It would be very difficult to estimate the savings the consumer might enjoy with the addition of an insulated garage door, but is another piece in the money saving puzzle for energy consumption.  








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