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Programming Genie GWK Wireless Keypad

The Genie Model GWK Wireless Keypad is for use with the older Genie openers with 9 or 12 DIP

switches. To program this keypad you will need to note the location of the DIP switches on the opener

motor. (The locations will be either up or down) The following list will help finding the code. You will

have a 3 digit code for 9 DIP switches and a 4 digit code for 12 DIP switches. (You will use groups of 3 to

determine the code)

DIP Switch Position Codes

Up-Up-Up =7








First determine you’re PIN to use to open your garage door it can be a 4-8 digit number of your


Programming the Keypad

1. Resetting the keypad: slide the keypad cover to half way open. Press the # and 8 buttons at the

same time. While holding the # and 8 buttons slide the keypad cover open until it latches, then

release the # and 8 buttons. The red indicator light should go out.

2. On the key pad press the 3, 5 and 7 buttons in order. The red indicator light should flash once

per second.

3. Enter your desired PIN followed by the # button. The red indicator light should flash twice per


4. Enter the 3 or 4 digit code from the DIP switch location and press the * button. The red indicator

light should turn off.

5. Slide the keypad cover all the way closed.

Testing the Keypad

1. Slide the keypad cover all the way open until it latches.

2. On the keypad enter your PIN and press the # button.

3. Slide the keypad cover all the way closed.

4. The door should open/close.

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