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Can a garage door opener capacitor effect the logic board ?
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  Garage door capacitors store extra energy needed when the garage door opener motor starts,  opening or closing the garage door. The garage door opener motor needs more than the 110v of power it draws from the plug to start and the capacitor store this energy and provides the burst of energy needed for the garage door motor to start. When a garage door opener capacitor stops working you will generally hear a buzz or hum coming from the garage door opener, but the garage door does not move. In some cases you will see smoke coming from the garage
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Can I replace starter capacitor on a garage door opener?

A garage door opener starter capacitor is a crucial part of the electric system in a garage door opener. If you look inside any electronic device you will find capacitors, they are long cylindrical shapes. The ones you will find on a garage door opener are from the same shape long and cylindrical, and are use to start the electric motor which operate the openers chain, screw or belt. The total job depends on your skills and on finding the right replacement part. Step 1 – Garage Door Starter Capacitor Failure When garage door opener capacitors fail, the door won’t
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