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Garage Door Hinges

Garage door hinges come in different sizes.

You may wonder how you can tell which sized hinge you need for your door. While the number is often stamped into the hinge, you may have to measure the distance from the hinge’s bottom to the middle of the top circle on the hinge’s side. To measure properly, the hinge must be laid on a flat surface and measured to the middle of the circle.

hinge-1-16-gauge wayne-dalton-garage-door-hinge Overhead-door-hinge

Hinges also come in different gauges. If you have consistently had problems with breaking hinges, you may find it beneficial to upgrade to a higher-grade hinge, which would be able to withstand more stress because it is thicker.


You will get better results when you use a hinge that is the right size and gauge. If you are in doubt about the appropriate size for your garage door hinge, you can always ask a trained garage door professional to assist you in the measuring process.

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