Is It Possible to Add Garage Door Windows To a Garage Door Panel That Has Already Been Installed?

    It is possible to add garage door windows to garage door panel that has already been installed. This

    process is not recommended, and will likely void any garage door warranty from the manufacturer.

    Garage door panels are manufactured with added structural supports for windows from the

    manufacturer, without these structural additions, the garage door panel has been compromised.

    Many DIY’ers have found they can order after market garage door windows to install in a preinstalled

    garage door panel. The process involves taking accurate measurements to ensure you purchase the

    proper size windows and even more precise measurements prior to cutting a hole in the garage door

    panel. Again this is not recommended as it compromises the structural strength of the garage door

    panel and voids the factory warranty. Once the hole is cut in the garage door opening you will follow the

    directions provided for installing the window in the hole you just cut in the garage door panel.

    We do not recommend installing aftermarket windows in your garage door panel due to voiding the

    warranty and compromising the structure of the garage door panel. We recommend ordering a new

    panel with windows installed by the manufacturer, if the garage door panel is still being manufactured,

    or replacing the entire garage door and selecting the optional factory windows for the new garage door.

    Again we do not recommend installing windows in a previously installed garage door panels, we

    recommend replacing the panel or the entire door selecting the optional windows from the

    manufacturer. This is only information that aftermarket windows are available.