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How do you repair a broken garage door window?

Repairing broken windows on a garage door can be a simple task or a very difficult task

depending on the type of door you have and the manner in which the window is installed.

Wooden doors are the easiest to replace as there is usually a piece of molding like, quarter

round, that holds the window in place.


To remove the broken window you will need to remove

the molding by prying it out, be careful not to break the molding. Be careful not to cut yourself

not to cut yourself when removing and replacing the glass. Next you will scrap away any caulk

or sealant. Once the frame for the window is clean you simply insert the new piece of glass or

Plexiglas, previously cut to the proper size. Caulk around the new piece of glass and reinstall the

molding using small nails. Be careful not to hit the new piece of glass when installing the



Metal doors are more difficult to replace broken windows in. First you will need to look on the

inside of the window frame for screws that hold the trim in place . The trim holds the glass in

place. If screws are present you will need to remove them to release the frame. This requires

two people. One person should be on the inside of the garage to remove the screws, frame and

broken glass, the other on the outside to hold the outer window frame in place. Once the

screws are removed you will remove the inner window frame. Next you will need to use a knife

to cut the rubber seal loose from the window frame and pull out the broken section of glass. Be

careful not to cut yourself when removing and installing the glass window.


Next you will need  to have a piece of precut glass or Plexiglas to the size you need. Install the new piece of glass

into the frame, replace the rubber seal and screw the inner window frame back onto the door

to hold the new glass. The person on the outside must hold the outer frame in place

throughout this process to prevent damaging the outer frame of the window.

If the garage door window use a clip design to hold the glass in place, it will require removing

the garage door panel/section, to replace the window. Removing the panel is a job best left to a

professional as you will have to release the tension from the spring(s), unwind the cables, and

remove the section/panel by removing the hinges from the top section/panel. Once the garage

door panel is removed you will need to lay it flat on the ground with a piece of wood or

cardboard underneath it to protect the door and glass during the process of removing and

replacing the window. First you will have to pry out the clips that hold the window in place

using a putty knife or similar tool. Next you will have to use a knife to cut the rubber seal on all

four sides of the glass, keep the seal you will need to use it for the new glass. Carefully remove

the broken glass, being careful not to cut yourself. Clean the frame to make sure it is clear of

any sealant or cement that held the old glass in place. Next you will need to replace the window

with a piece of glass or Plexiglas that has been precut to the proper size for the window. Next

reinstall the rubber seal around all four sides of the new window glass, this helps hold the

window in place. Finally you will carefully hammer the trim clips back into place with a rubber

mallet. Be very careful during this step not to hit the new glass window as this could break the

new glass you just installed. The wood or cardboard underneath the door is critical during this

step, as it cushions the door and new glass during installation. Finally the section/panel has to

be reinstalled onto the rest of the door. The panel should be set in place and hinges reattached,

the rollers reinstalled into the track and finally the cables and drums have to be reinstalled and

the cables tighten. The final step is to rewind the spring(s). Again removing and reinstalling a

door panel should be left to trained garage door technicians as it require proper training and

tools. Garage doors are dangerous and cause serious damage even death if proper techniques

and safety precautions are not used.

The last option is to replace the entire section/panel. To replace a section/panel you will need

to try to locate the manufacturer and model number of your garage door. Look for stickers on

the inside of the garage door or on the end of the panels/sections. If these stickers are present

you can order a replacement section/panel if it is available and have it replaced. If you cannot

locate these sticker you can have a garage door technician try determine the manufacturer and

model number for you. Many times you will not be able to determine the manufacturer or

model number, or it is no longer available, in that case the only option is to replace the entire

garage door.

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