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Using Skylink with Amazon Alexa for Home Automation And to control your Atoms Garage Door Opener


Skylink and Amazon Alexa have teamed up as another option for total home automation.

This system will allow you to control your home alarm system, electric appliances, lights and even Atoms Garage Door Openers. The SkylinkNet Alarm System starter Kit retails for about $159 and Atmos Garage Door Openers retail for about $299.

Once the system is installed in your home, you will need to download the SkylinkNet application to your Apple or Android device.

To add skills/devices, you will need to “Enable Skill” on the Alexa application and link it to your SkylinkNet account after signing in with your username and password.

Once you have installed the devices and downloaded the application you can control linked devices using voice commands.

The commands must begin with:

“ Alexa, ask SkylinkNet to open garage door”


“Alexa, ask SkylinkNet to close garage door”

The commands must be simple for them to be recognized and must begin with “ Alexa, ask SkylinkNet to then name function to be performed.

The customer must enter the SkylinkNet application and name devices in the settings sections.

The SkylinkNet system works by connecting the Skylink Internet Hub to wireless internet router.

The devices you choose to control, using SkylnkNet, must be connected to your Internet Hub.


The Skylink system is not a monitored system, but allows you to monitor and activate systems within your home with your smartphone or tablet, and now use voice commands with Amazon’s Alexa compatibility. This system was released in January 2017 as another option for home automation.


At this time Atoms Garage Door Openers are the only manufacturer offering the SkylinkNet compatibility.


Skylink products and Atoms Garage Door Openers are available through Home Depot, Sears and online retailers.

Unlike MyQ technology, offered by Lfitmaster, Chamberlain and Craftsman, Skylink requires you to purchase the Basic Kit that includes the internet Hub to automate your home and garage door.

MyQ technology only requires having WiFi connectivity in your garage and downloading the application through Liftmaster. MyQ also offers the same type of home automation controls, with the purchase of a bridge to control lights and other appliances in your home. MyQ allows more options for garage door openers including Liftmaster, Chamberlain and Craftsman brand openers. The MyQ bridge cost about $100 and can perform many, if not all of the same tasks in home automation as Skylink. Many of the Liftmaster, Chamberlain and Craftsman openers are completely internet and MyQ ready without purchasing any additional items.








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