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Liftmaster 8500W Jack Shaft/Wall Mounted Garage Door Opener


Liftmaster has upgraded the Jack Shaft/ Wall Mounted 8500 to include a built-in battery backup and MyQ technology built in removing the need for the MyQ Bridge or repeater. The new version model number is 8500W. These new options allow for more options and ease of use.


The Jack Shaft/ Wall Mounted openers take away the need for a opener rail and allow for more head room in your garage. These will only work with torsion spring systems and will not work for low headroom applications. These openers also require a power outlet on the sides of the garage door instead of in the center of the ceiling, to allow for a power source for the garage door opener.


The 8500W provides the convenience of MyQ compatibility, allowing you to check the status of your garage door and to open it remotely using your smartphone or tablet. You also get the convenience of the battery backup, allowing you to still use your garage door opener in the event of a power outage. Other  features to the 8500W include the time to close feature and the integrated bolt lock system. These openers are also compatible with your vehicles Homelink system in most vehicles.

Unlike standard garage door openers that use a opener rail and a chain, belt or screw system to open and close your garage door, the Jack Shaft/ Wall Mounted opener attaches directly to the spring bar to open and close your garage door.


The MyQ system requires internet connection to the garage door opener that is password protected for your security.


If you would like to clear headroom in your garage, the 8500 and the new 8500W are great options from a reliable manufacturer.

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