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How to program a Chamberlain Clicker Universal Remote Control / LiftMaster 375?

The Chamberlain Clicker Universal Remote Control (KLIK1U, KLIK3U, KLIK3U-BL, KLIK3U-PK) 

aka LiftMaster 375UT (375 LM)  is a universal remote that 

will program to most garage door openers and external receivers using learn buttons or DIP switches.

program chamberlain universal clicker

The first step is determining if your garage door opener or external receiver uses a learn button or DIP 


Newer garage door openers utilize a learn button

and older units utilize DIP switches.

Programming the clicker universal remote to a garage door opener/receiver with learn button:

1. Start with the garage door closed.

2. Open the remote  by sliding the battery cover open. Inside the remote you will see a

program button on one side and DIP switches on the other side. Press and hold the program

button for about 2 seconds, until the LED light illuminates.

garage door universal clicker remote

3. Press the learn button on the garage door opener or external receiver. The learn button will be

on the back or side of the garage door opener motor. You will have to use a ladder to locate and

access the learn button. Always use caution any time you use a ladder to prevent accidental


4. Press and release the button on the remote you want to operate the garage door opener. Wait

until the LED on the remote stops flashing between button pushes. Continue to press the

button until you hear a click from the garage door opener, the light on the garage door opener

flashes or the garage door starts to open.

chamberlain liftmsater universal clicker program

5. Press and release the program button to exit the programming mode.

6. Press the button you just programmed to verify the garage door opener remote is programmed

and the garage door opens and closes using the remote. If the garage door does not open and

close, repeat the programming steps.

These same steps work for programming to an external receiver or a gate opener with a learn button.

Number of button pushes required for the following Openers to program the universal clicker:

(Number of times press and release require / Learn button and Years

Brand / Models)

universal clicker linear program

1 Time

Linear Mega-Code 1997-current

LDCO800, LCO75, LCO50, LDP50, LDO3, MVP50, LSO50, LDCO850, LDCO852, LDO33,


universal clicker liftmaster red button

2 times

Red / Orange Button 1997 – 2005

(Security+ 390Mhz)




2200, 4200, 4620, 4640, 6200, 7220, 7320, 7420, 7902, 8200, 9200, 9902, 9950, 9960,CG40, PD210, PD212, PD420, PD420-2, PDPD610, PD612, PD752, PD785S, WD912K, WD922K


985, 9851,1000SDR, 1200, 1240R, 1245R, 1246R, 1255R, 1256R, 1265, 1280R, 2000SDR, 2110, 2220, 2245, 2255, 2575, 2280, 2500, 2500B, , 2500D, 2580, 2589, 2265, 2565, ATS211R, ATS211X,


139.5399211, 139.53672, 139.53978SRT, 139.53995SRT, 139.53993D, 139.53992D, 139.53992, 139.53991, 139.53491SRT

Master Mechanic                                                                                                            642-2MM

Purple Button universal remote program

3 times

Purple Button 2005 – Current 

(Security+ 315Mhz)




248730, 48930D, 7520, 9950D DCG40D, CG42D, HD200D, HD400D, HD420D, HD422D, HD600, HD800D, HD900D, LW2000, LW3000, LW3500, PD210, PD210D, PD212D, PD300, PD432D, PD462D PD610D, PD612D, PD612KLD, PD752D, PD758D, WD822KD, WD832KD, WD952KD, WD952LD WD962KD


1345, 1346, 1355, 1356, 3110, 3130, 3220, 3240, 3245, 3255, 3265, 3280, 3500, 3575, 3585, 3595, 3800, 3800P, 3800PLD, 3850, ATS2113X, ATS2113X-CX, HCT501130, LGO50113R, LGO20113XR


139.53997D, 139.53985DM, 139.53990DS, 139.5399011,

Access Master M385,

green button universal clicker


Chamberlain / LiftMaster 


Green Button       

  1993 – 1996

710WHC, 711WHC, 1100, 2100, 4100, 4600, 5100, 7200, 8100, 8100M, CSO, 1240, 1245, 1246, 1250, 1255, 1260, 1260LK, 1245LK, 1270, 1280, 1000SD, 2000SD, 215WD, 220WD, 315WD, 320WD, ATS211, 53479


genie universal clicker program


 5 Times

Genie Ovearhead Door Intelicode 2005 – Current

ChainMax 1000, ChainMax 1200, ChainMax 1200 4042, SilentMax 750, SilentMax 1000,  SILENTMAX 1000 3042, SILENTMAX 1200, SILENTMAX 1200 4042, TriloG 1200, TriloG 1500, TriloG 1500 4064, TriloG 1500 4064H, PowerLift 900, PowerMax 1200, PowerMax 1500, IntelliG 1000, IntelliG 1000 3024, IntelliG 1000 3024H, IntelliG 1200, IntelliG 1200 4024, IntelliG 1200 4024H, CB 1000, CB 1200, 1022, 1024, 1028, 1028B, 1035, 1042, 1128, 1128B, 2020, 2022, 2024, 2028, 2028B, 2035, 2036, 2040, 2040L, 2042, 2055, 2128B, 2128, 3024H, 3024H-B, 3035, 3055, 3064, 3120HL, 3120HL-B, 3120H, 3120H-B 4064H, 4064H-B, 4124H, 4124H-B, 4164H, 4164H-B, 6070H, 6070H-B, 6170H, 6170H-B, 7035, 7055, BeltLift 600, Directlift 2060, Directlift 3060, GPower 900, Machforce 4062, Excelerator 4062, SilentMax Connect, SteakthDrive 750, StealthDrive 750 Plus,

genie screw drive learn button


 6 Times

Genie Ovearhead Door Intelicode 1995 – Current

H8000, 4560, 500ML, 700ML, Excelerator, GCG350,

350L, 350L-1x, 350L-2, 350L-2C, 350L-2WK, 350L-2WKC, Chain Glide, H2000, 

OverHead Legacy


universal clicker remote for Stanley Garage Door Opener



 7 Times

Stanley Security Code 1998


garage door opener yellow learn button


 8 times 

Yellow Button 2011 – Current

(Security +2.0)




 B353, B373, B500, B503, B510, B550, B550C B730, B740, B750, B970, B1381, B2202, B2211T, B2212T, B2401, B2405, B4505T, B4545, B4603T, B4613T, B4643T, B6713T, B6753T, B6765, C203, C205, C253, C273, C450, C2102, C2202, C400, C410, C450, C455, C870, C2212T, C2405, 349544, 349544EV, D2101, HD220, HD220C, HD420EV, HD520EV, HD750WF, HD920EV, HD930EV, HD950WF, LW260C, LW2200 LW3000EV, LW5000EV, LW9000WF, PD220, PD222, PD612EV, PD752KEV, PD762EV, RJ020, RJ070, WD832KEV, WD850KEV, WD930EV, WD962KEV, WD962KPEV, WD962MLEV,


8010, 8065, 8075, 8155, 8155W, 8160W, 8160WB, 8164W, 8165, 8165W, 83650-267, 8365-267, 8365-267W,  8355, 8355W, 8360, 8360W, 84501, 84505R, 84602, 85503-267, 8557, 8557W, 8587, 85870, 8587W, 85008500W, 8550, 8550W, 8550W-267, 85503,   84501, 84602, 87802, 87504-267,



 Admiral II, Airman II, Airman II with WiFi,  Aviator II, Corporal II with WiFi, Pilot II, Corporal II, Prodigy II, Pilot II with WiFi, Prodigy II with Wifi, Ultra II, Ultra II with WiFi, Voyager,  Sentinel, Sentinel™ 360, Sentinel™ III, ,Sergeant II,



         Merlin  – MJ3800MYQ, MS125MYQ, MS105MYQ, MR855MYQ, MS65MYQ, MR655MYQ, MT3850EVO, MR555MYQ, MT110MYQ, MT120EVOPS, MT60EVO, MT100EVO,

Do-It, Master Mechanic, True Value

Access Mater –  M885, M8856 



wayne dalton program remote

9 Times

Wayne Dalton Rolling Code 372.5 MHz 1999 – Current

 3014, 3018, 3018DLX, 3514, 3314, 3414, 3220C, 3222C, 3224C, 3320B, 3322B, 3322B, 3324B, 3212, 3213, 3312, 3313, 3412, 3012, 3016, 3512


14 Times

Linear Multicode 10 Position Dip Switch


16 Times

Stanley Multicode 10 Position Dip Switch


18 Times

Linear Multicode 8 Position Dip Switch


Remember the LED light on the clicker must stop flashing between each press of the button during


If your garage door opener or receiver utilizes DIP switches you must match the DIP switches on the

remote to the DIP switches on the garage door opener or receiver. It could be 8-12 DIP switches with 2

or 3 positions per switch. The DIP switches much match identically. If your garage door opener or

receiver has only 2 positions and programming does not work, switch the off and on positions on the

remote as they may be reversed.

Program chamberlain garage door opener and clickers, in general, is a fairly simple process if you follow the listed procedures. You can

contact a local garage door service company to provide the remote and program the remote for you.

Labor rates will vary depending on your area but is normally around $70 – $120 (Include full garage door 

and opener inspection) and the cost of the  universal clicker remote is around $35 – $50.



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