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LiftMaster 8550W Garage Door Opener Now Has Integrated Automatic Deadbolt Lock


LiftMaster has added the integrated deadbolt lock capability to this opener. The Deadbolt Lock will automatically unlock when the garage door is opened and automatically lock when the garage door is closed. This is an add on upgrade available only for the latest version of the 8550W Garage Door Opener.


How does it work ?


The deadbolt lock is wired directly into the back of the garage door opener. The deadbolt lock is attached to the garage door track with the deadbolt locking into the track to provide added security to your garage door opener and to help prevent your home being broken into through the garage door.

The deadbolt activates each time the garage door is opened or closed using the wall button, remotes or keypad. The deadbolt can also be manually locked or unlocked as needed. This option is only available on the newest version of the 8550W opener and is sold as an upgrade.


If security is important to you this product makes your garage door almost impenetrable by burglars..


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