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How do you know if garage door rollers should be replaced ?
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Garage door rollers attach the garage door to the garage door tracks and allow the garage door to open and close smoothly. Rollers come in several designs. Builder grade rollers are typically either hard plastic or steel with no ball bearings. These builder grade rollers should be replaced after about two years as they have no ball bearings and tend to wear out rapidly and can tend to cause the garage door to bind or squeak really bad. Upgraded rollers are usually constructed of nylon and have ball bearings inside the rollers. The ball bearings can be an open design
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One of the rollers on my garage door broke, how can I fix it?

Garage door rollers help to keep your garage door rolling smoothly in the vertical and horizontal tracks. The rollers are important as they help keep the door from binding as the door opens and closes. It is important to keep your rollers properly lubricated and to replace any damaged or broken rollers. Replacing a roller is fairly simple if you have the proper tools and exercise caution. First identify the broken or damaged roller(s). For all of the rollers except the bottom roller on each side, you can simply remove the hinge using the proper size socket. Roller replacement should
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How can I know if my garage door rollers need to be replaced?

How can I know if my garage door rollers need to be replaced? Picture 1  – Good roller vs. bad roller There are a few different ways that you can tell if your garage door rollers need to be replaced:   A visual inspection of the roller, if it’s a nylon, plastic, or form of rubber you will see physical wear to the roller. This could be because normal wear and tear especially if the rollers have a lot of cycles on them and also because of a bad installation. Picture 2  – Physical wear on nylon / plastic roller   Another
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