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My neighbors remote opens my garage door, what can I do to stop this from happening?

Coming home and finding your garage door open or having it open unexpectedly while you are at home can be frustrating and even scary. Garage door openers use two basic types of programming for remotes, the older being DIP switches and the newer utilizing a learn button. If you have a learn button there are several frequencies your garage door opener operates on depending on when it was manufactured and who the manufacturer is. These frequencies are addressed in another article, but the programming procedures are basically the same. If your neighbors garage door remote is opening your garage door
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Why is there a delay that locks my garage door remote immediately after I open the garage door with the remote?
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Why is there a delay that locks my garage door remote First if your garage door opener is an older model using DIP pins or a preset RF frequency, then there should be no such delay or locking of the remote. Newer garage door remotes and operators, operate on a rolling code system at and RF frequency of 310, 315 or 390 MHZ depending on the brand of your operator and what year it was manufactured. The rolling code system was invented to prevent hackers/thieves from recording and retransmitting the code later to gain access to your garage. The rolling
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