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Garage door track thickness

Garage door tracks carry the rollers for your garage door and help the door to travel smoothly up and down. The thickness of the garage door tracks is dependent on the weight of the garage door. Originally most tracks were made of steel at a thickness of .083 to handle the weight of solid wood garage doors. Now the standard for heavy wood doors is .075. Garage door tracks are now galvanized to help reduce rusting and corrosion. With the lighter steel door being manufactured today, track sizes have come down to most commonly .055″ inch, .062″ inch and .075″
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One piece of metal broke at the center of my garage door section, can I fix it?

Most residential garage doors are sectional doors and it is possible to repair the individual sections. The ability to repair the garage door section depends on your skill level and what piece of metal broke. It is also possible to replace the damaged section if you can determine the manufacturer and model number of your garage door. First we will address fixing the broken piece of metal. If the piece of metal that broke off is the piece where the “J” bar that connects your garage door opener to the door, then you can repair this by installing a new
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